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SSS & Call Linx

As standard, the system comes with a built-in "Voice Logger" and “Call Monitoring” feature to enable administrations to monitor operator performance for quality control and training purposes. It's intuitive, versatile and powerful Call Script is second to none in the industry.  It not only helps to provide consistent and quality service, but most importantly, creates a pleasant and stressless environment for the operators, reflecting a smile in their voice when answering calls, regardless if the operators are local in the office or remotely working from home.

SSS (Szeto Smart Switch) is ​the front gate of the system. It provides telephony interface to the telephone network and connections to the operator audio. It handles all inbound / outbound call connections, SMS text messaging, Secured Messaging, Paging, Voice Mail, Voice Response and all the call functions, including Call Distributing, Call Connecting, Call Holding, Call Patching, Call Transferring,  Call Swapping, Conference Bridging, etc.

​​Call Linx is the heart and soul of the TAS system. A data entry, storage and retrieval system, under the “Linux” operating system. Built with multiple levels of redundancies. Call Linx is a multi-station, multi-task and multi-function system. Message handling includes bi-directional emails, secured messages, SMS texts, faxes, etc.. Each device can be programmed as "automatic" or "manual", or be included in delivery chains​ to autmatically hunt for the message recipients.

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