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Secure Messaging

Generic Label

Szeto Technologies supplies the generic “icon” and “name” of the mobile App, which is totally integrated into Call Linx to provide a bi-directional service to your medical subscribers for passing secured messages among each other, via iPhones, iPad, Android phones and tablets.


Private Label

TAS service can brand the Mobile App as a private label, with proprietary “App icon” and “App name”. Private Label functions exactly like our Generic version but gives the advantage of carrying your own identity.

Ensures messages transported via wireless mobile devices

are secured for HIPAA compliance. 


Protects Medical Patient Privacy & Personal Health Information.

- Secure messages between TAS operators and medical professionals.

- Secure messages among private medical professionals.

- Users create multiple personalized contact groups. 

- Messages among group can be attached with note / image.​

- Messages delivered are monitored if they are “read”. Operator and recipient are alerted if a message is not “read” in an allowable time. 

- Message notification is backed up by SMS alert when recipient is roaming out of wifi area.

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