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Digital Switch

SSS-100 (Szeto Smart Switch) is a buiilt-in Asterisk-based Digital Telephone Switch, specially tailored as a front-end telephony switch for Call Linx, but  it can also serve as a stand-alone switching equipment for any specific applications,  or to  integrate into other equipment to provide a front-end interface to the telephone network. It processes telephone calls from the Telephone Network via digital (T-1 with PRI / CAS signalling), SIP trunks and/or analog DID trunks.

​Call Distribution:

SSS-100 is an Automatic Call Distributor with auto-attendant and call queuing features based on priority and class of service. Subscriber are individually programmed with multiple greetings based on time and day of the week including holidays. Every call appearance to the switch is logged in detail statistical information for billing and trouble-shooting purposes.

Call Now: 1-877-MY-SZETO
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